animal-communication-sample-talking-to demi

In this Animal Communication Sample Karen is talking to Gillian’s elderly cat Demi. Gillian has concerns about her health, especially her ear.

I tuned into Demi and felt her loving nature and then tuned into her energy field and it felt bright and clean.

I asked Demi if she had anything to communicate to Gillian and she replied ‘I love Gillian with all my heart and soul.  She is such a good human.’  Then I felt an emotional neediness emanating from Demi. She then said ‘I am needy for affection, I can never get enough – but obviously that’s when I’m in the mood for it!’

Demi went on to say ‘I eat and sleep most of the time.  My favorite thing is cuddles with Gillian but, I am a cat so I like to do things differently much of the time…..Gillian is my life!’

I then asked Demi how she is feeling?  Demi said ‘Overall I feel well but sometimes I feel a bit nauseous or have that unwell feeling and I can feel a bit frail (not like when I was young and robust).  Sometimes I have that feeling of stuck energy, a dullness in my body and I do have that unwell feeling quite a bit of the time.  I know this is an age thing.

She continued ‘The growth on my ear does not bother me.  I believe it’s a natural process and the toxins in my body have come out there on my ear.  I think my body is not working as efficiently as before.   I should probably drink more water and eat more grass but hey, I’m doing well!’

Demi said ‘I like Charlie a lot!  He’s a good cat and good company.  I miss Sean and Feather and the other cats but we adapt to all things and as I say I like Charlie.’

I think the healing is helping, it’s subtle and I do feel over time it will help.  I can also feel the end of my life approach but that’s OK.  I don’t think it’s any time soon though but I can feel things coming to a close.’  

She continued ‘Tell Gillian her love is keeping me going.  I am her friend and she is mine – we are “thick as thieves!”  I am content and happy as I am.  Gillian don’t worry about me — things take their natural course in life and I’m grateful for all she is doing.’

Special message for Gillian ‘Take care of yourself you are SO important to so many people and animals….not just me!’

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Animal Assistance from Karen and Gillian