Animals in Spirit Communication – Karen and a Cat called Feth

This is an Animals in Spirit Communication with Feth, Gillian’s Cat, now in Spirit.

Feth was poisoned, probably by Rat Poison and was extremely ill. I made the decision to have him euthanized suddenly whilst at the vet’s, without communicating with him first.

My Question

Should I have given him the choice of whether to fight for his life (with veterinarian medication) or be set freed from his body through the euthanizing?

Feth’s Response

Life is good. I’m so relaxed and peaceful it’s incredible. Life in a cats body was hard, hard, hard! I’m with other spirits now. It’s difficult to describe – we have no form therefore we merge through each other but we don’t loose our integrity in doing so. I do feel my cat family around – it’s wonderful.

All the old clan of cats are here but we’re more happy. It’s light here. Yes I see your Mum here too. We are all together, it’s not like on earth. There is some separation but it’s not obvious. There is no judgement or blame here – we are the Spirit we are. No obvious discrimination between man and cat say but you can feel a difference but it’s of no importance here.

Apparently I’m going to do more refining next, becoming lighter again, some of my more dense layers removed. All very interesting.

I understand Gillian’s question about asking me ‘If I wanted to fight for life.’ My answer to her is perhaps that would have been a good idea but I’m now very glad to be here so my answer in hindsight is – ‘I’m glad you didn’t.’ It would have been a rough road to recovery if you had and I’m now much happier here.

Thank Gillian for asking this question but tell her there is no blame coming from me from not doing that and life’s pretty good now. Thank Gillian for all her love and attention. I know I was much loved and that will remain with me always. That is such a gift for me to hold on to.

Thank you Karen for this communication it is most important to make stronger links to the afterlife – there really is no separation.

God bless you both.

Animals in Spirit Communication – Karen and Lala the Guinea Pig, now in Spirit

This is a short conversation Karen had with Lala the Guinea Pig, soon after she had passed into Spirit. Gillian had looked after Lala for a few weeks and had helped heal an abscess in her mouth. Lala went back home when she was better and passed into Spirit several months later. In this communication, Karen asked her how she was and if she had any messages for Sam, the young boy from her human family, who loved her very much .

Lala’s Response

I remember you Karen. I was ill when we spoke last. My goodness that was painful that abscess but it didn’t last and I healed up! Now I feel light as a feather and just great. I have lots of friends here and we all just get along fine and we don’t have bodies to bring us pain.

Thank you Sam for looking after me so well. You did a great job and I know you were very fond of me as you used to chat to me which I liked very much. It made me feel one of the family and I liked that. I am/was a sociable creature so I loved the attention from you and I loved you as best I could. It’s a bit limiting showing love when you are guinea pig – if you know what I mean!

I also loved to use my sense of smell. Smelling everything gave me so much pleasure. The lovely smell of fresh food and of course I liked eating! I want to thank you again Sam for loving me. I’m doing great here on the other side so don’t fret. I had a good life and now I’m having a good death…. I do have a sense of humor! Love to you all.