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Animal Sensitivity and Love

Animal sensitivity and love for their human companions is greater than we generally comprehend it to be. Animals are incredibly sensitive and intuitive and are deeply affected by everything that goes on around them. This is especially noticeable when an animal lives with a human family and shares everything that happens in the life of that family. Humans are highly emotional beings and these emotions, are experienced strongly by the animals that live with them. Its as though the lives of the humans and animals within the family, are totally enmeshed.

Often an animal will take on the emotion of the human it lives with. Whether this is something the animal does consciously. Whether it is a type of service to humanity. Or whether this is something that happens sub consciously. This is something I cannot be certain about. Indeed it may alter from situation to situation.

Often times when a family member is suffering some sort of health problem. This could be a mental, emotional, physical or a spiritual problem. The animal living in the family, will mirror their suffering in some way. Sometimes this is subtle and not at all easy to discern. Sometimes its more obvious, for example both the human and their animal companion having arthritic hip problems.

Hearing What The Animal Has To Say

Animals don’t lie – they experience, feel and see things as they are, warts and all. They tell it like it is. So to know the truth of a situation from an animal’s perspective, can be enlightening and sometimes painful at the same time.

Sometimes, during an animal communication, an animal will indicate that their human companion has a health issue and is suffering in some way. The animal will also indicate how this suffering is affecting them.

For this reason, healing the human, will also be of benefit to the animal companion. For once the human is functioning happily and healthily again, the health of the animal can vastly improve. This is one of the many reasons Animal Communication and Combined Human and Animal Healing can be helpful, for the well being of the whole household.

Animals are our teachers, they have so much wisdom to impart if we are ready to learn from them. They are so much more than our fluffy companions.

Assistance for Animals and Their Humans