Gillian’s Background and Experience

How I became a Human and Animal Healer

I had a Spiritual Awakening in my early twenties, which lead me to explore various spiritual and metaphysical paths and practice different modes of healing. These include Spiritual Healing, Animal Healing, Therapeutic Massage, Orthobionomy and Spinal Touch.


My Work Background

I was born in London and spent 20 years in Southern Ireland. I now reside in Devon, England. I am someone who likes to have fingers in many pies. So alongside my healing work. I have worked as a dancer and choreographer, gardener, carer, massage therapist and tarot reader. I have also created music, song and dance pieces. I love learning new things.

Affinity With The Animal Kingdom

I have a great affinity with animals and a love of nature and when I lived in Ireland I adopted numerous stray dogs and cats. Then as now, injured birds especially Corvids, come into my life. I studied Animal Healing, so as to be able to help animals and birds more effectively. My sister (who is a gifted animal communicator) often works with me, to help and heal animals.

I especially enjoy giving Distance Healing and this is my preferred mode of Healing.

I trained with The Healing Trust and am a member of Sacred Earth Healers. I have a Diploma in Animal Magic Healing.

Contact me to ask questions, find out more and arrange a Healing either for you or your animal friend.